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About me

  I’m Li Shengzhou. Nowadays, I am a PhD student of Computer Science in University of Tsukuba. My research topic is “Data-Driven and Machine Learning Based Material Science Research” under the supervision of Pro. Nakata Ayako from NIMS and Pro. Sakurai Tetsuya from University of Tsukuba.


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  • Shanghai University (China), School of Computer Engineering and Science, Bachelor degree. (2012/09~2016/06)
  • Shanghai University (China), School of Computer Engineering and Science, Master degree. (2016/09~2019/04)
  • Northeast Normal University (China), Learning Japanese. (2019/10~2020/08)
  • University of Tsukuba (Japan), Graduate School of Science and Technology, Degree Programs in Systems and Information Engineering, Doctoral Program in Computer Science. (2020/10~Now) (MEXT Scholarship)


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Email: zhonger[at] (Please replace [at] with @.)